What Our Valuable Customers Say About Us

I’ve purchased quite a few books from Naaf’ay Books during the last two sales, and it has been a delight, Alhamdulillah. Their collection of hand-picked books is remarkable, ma sha Allah, and they really help in reviving the Urdu language. The selection and variety are testament to the hardwork that goes into the book sales.

Some of the titles that my kids have really enjoyed include: Qissa Ghari Ki Sui Ka, Ruk Ruk Rikshaw Ruk, Qatrah Kahaan Gira, Books by Kifayat publishers (Dosti, Shair Aur Chuha, Kachwa Aur Khargosh), and Zayd’s curious little stories.

Other than this, the personal touches and little surprises that are added to the parcel really add to the whole experience.

Umm-e-Khubaib Homeschooling mom of three

Received my first order from Naaf’ay Books and I must say that the name stands true to its meanings. Each and every book is a beneficial read. My daughter read a few and I could see her getting hooked on to them especially the Zayd series. (She is a reluctant reader and a picky one too).

The Alif Nagar series is very interesting written by Umera Ahmed, who needs no introduction. The spectrum quaidas are of very good quality and offer a vast vocabulary. Gungunata quaida is an excellent buy especially for children who enjoy poems.

From the packaging of the parcel to the quality and content of books.  I am 100% happy and satisfied.

Umm Fatima Mother of three

I believe that native language is the road which shows us where we are coming from and where we are heading towards. It is that pottery wheel which shapes the culture, understandings and imaginations of generations. Despite what I believed, I somehow was not inclined towards improving it in our home.

I feel Naaf’ay Books is solely responsible for my new addiction of Urdu reading, not to mention my children’s. The content they offer connects us with our Muslim identity. Their books give us that quality family time which was so required in this fast paced age of depleting concentration spans.

As it is said, last era was about gaining information; this era is about filtering that knowledge. I feel so blessed that in these times of fitna, my children (and others) get to benefit from such filtered, richly simple, meaningful and purposeful books of Naaf’ay. It is always so joyful for me to see how my kids defeat all distractions, connect to these books and discuss them in their leisure hours. They just don’t skim the pages; they feel the need to explore the depths of even the symbolism.

Umm Hamdaan Homeschooling mother of two