Our Story

About Naaf’ay Living

There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children—roots and wings. Naaf’ay Living aims to do that.

Our products connect children to their roots, instilling pride in their identity, language and values while unleashing their creative energies. Connecting them with heroes of deep inner value and purpose-driven goals, we set in front of them ideals that make life worth living, not just for this world but for the hereafter too.

Naaf’ay Books

Naaf’ay Books is an endeavor to bring back the glory of Urdu. Books have been scanned for beneficial content. Publishers reached across Pakistan, parcels lugged across streets, books dug out from dusty shelves, all so we can safeguard the legacy of a rich language and the ideology it carries.

We pray the reads will be beneficial and will help revive the connection children are fast losing with their mother-tongue, insha’Allah.