A word’s worth

Someone undergoing hardship, left with no choice but to bear the situation with resignation. Surrounded by difficult people, with no way out but to bear with them.

Failing health, trying marriage, dwindling finances, trials on the path of Deen.


Isn’t that what we’re told to do when all else fails? A picture of a person left with no choice. One of docility and meekness. What a sorry picture the word paints.

But what a different picture our Mighty Lord paints of this word. 

When the small army of Talut faces the magnanimous army of Jalut, they ask Allah to pour on them sabr, and there emerges strength and valour, a handful of men overthrowing a mighty army. Sabr, how can that reflect meekness? It is a picture of determination.

When tests befall, as Allah promises His men that they will, tests of fear, hunger, wealth and life, men of sabr emerge victorious. Those who grasp firmly to their visions, despite these setbacks. They continue to roar, even if they stand alone. It is a picture of perseverance.

When Luqman gives his son timeless advice to stay steadfast irrespective of what befalls him as he upholds the word of Allah,  to swim forth, even if against the tide. It is a picture of resolution.

Place the sun in one hand, let all the hardships blow their heat, or the moon in the other, let all the temptations shine bright, men of sabr are not easy to buy out. 

They say some pictures are worth a thousand words. But in some cases, some words are worth a thousand pictures.

Sabr. The pictures of strength and determination its paints are countless. Let not the colors of meekness wash over it.

Wa bashir as-Sabireen.

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